"Project Light Up Christmas" is underway!

    A new exciting opportunity to share in the joy and celebration of the Christmas season is available for you today. Several very large donations have been made to decorate Molalla for Christmas. New brighter lights on all of the the new trees on Molalla Avenue and Main Street illuminated with twinkle lights and new symbolic presents under the Giant Tree at City Hall.

    You may become a part of the Joy Of Christmas by donating along with your neighbors to bring the "light of Christmas" to Molalla.
    Wreaths will be donated by Ines Wreaths to every business that will put them up. Red bows will decorate the town. Each person donating towards the Giant tree lights will have their name on the new Christmas boxes under the tree. Those that donate $50.00 for the street tree lights will have their name on an ornament placed on the tree they sponsor. A special price has been established to purchase garlands to drape on the store fronts, buildings and homes. You can help make "Project Light Up Christmas" glow by donating and purchasing decorations on the Chamber Web site store.



    With each purchase and gift, more lights and greenery will decorate Molalla.
    Please help by donating, purchasing, telling your friends, helping put on the lights and raising the giant tree.

    The tree lighting ceremony is December 3rd. We don't have much time so please help today!






    Remember:  Molalla Means Adventure!

    Visit our on-line Store at:   http://mkt.com/molalla-chamber-of-commerce  


    Notice on our sidewalks we have bronze plaques honoring the cowboys of Rodeo that have been championed in our 'Rodeo Walk of Fame'.  

    If your company has anything to offer in the way of excitement, beauty, or just fun, make sure you have information about your programs at the Chamber office.