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      The Molalla Buckeroo brings thousands of visitors to the community to celebrate our Western Heritage and the 4rth of July
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      Our commitment to Veterans, dedication to country, and honor to those served is legendary.
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      The Chambers Giant Street Parade brings as many as 50,000 visitors to the 2nd largest Parade in Oregon.
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      The Rodeo Walk of fame on Molalla Ave. is dedicated to the "Heroes" of Rodeo.
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      Molalla is famous for great hiking trails, and the Molalla river corridor.

    The Molalla Area Chamber of Commerce is working on putting flowers downtown again.  We have eight brown flower pots along Molalla Avenue and Main Street that need to be filled.  Last year we planted different red, purple, yellow, and white flowers to match the banners.  This year we would like to fill them with red and white petunias.  We would greatly appreciate any type of donation from the community and/or businesses.

    If you have any questions or you would like to donate, please give us a call or send us an email.

    You can also donate online at https://mkt.com/molalla-chamber-of-commerce


    Parade applications are available now!

    Our theme this year is "Country Proud and Lovin' It"


    If you interested in being a Parade Sponsor, please contact us at 503-829-6941 or macc97038@gmail.com.


    Remember:  Molalla Means Adventure!


    Visit our on-line Store at:

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    Notice on our sidewalks we have bronze plaques honoring the cowboys of Rodeo that have been championed in our 'Rodeo Walk of Fame'.  

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