Welcome to the Molalla Area Chamber of Commerce

Our Mission:

The Molalla Area Chamber of Commerce is a member-driven organization, dedicated to enhancing our members' success, fostering economic growth and contributing to our community's way of life. 

The chamber is a non-profit organization which serves the purpose of uniting businesses, professionals, and other community organizations.  This unique agency is dedicated to improving business, economic growth, and the quality of life for the Molalla area residents.

Small businesses interested in prospering and taking a proactive approach toward creating a healthy business environment comprise more than 71% of our membership.  The most important asset and strength of the chamber is its members.  The membership realizes that through the chamber they can accomplish collectively what they could not, individually.  As membership increases, the chamber will have a greater pool of resources from which to draw.   

2015 Directory and Activities Guide

In partnership with The Molalla Pioneer, The 2015 Molalla Area Chamber of Commerce has been released.  Pick up a hard copy at the chamber office, or click the link below to view online.  


USDA Grant and Loan Programs Available 


The USDA recently announced a Grant and Loan program for rural economic stimulus.  The Grant Program may make grants up to 5 million dollars. The program is broad in scope and may be used for business, community, co-operative, new construction, renovation, system improvement, but not for operating expenses.  

The proceedures are published now!  This program is functioning and funding is currently available.

The Chamber of Commerce will be further investigating this program, and will offer information as it becomes available.

In addition, multiple types of loans and grants are available.  New farmers, energy conservation, housing, and much more, are offered.

Contact Grant Sharp, Chamber V.P., for more details.