April 29th, 2015

Neal Lucht of Northwest Transplants wins Saloon round Up Poker Hand!

Buckeroo Deli Wins Best Pub Grub!


Nearly forty participants tour 6 of Molalla’s adult hospitality venues, and sample the extraordinary samples of great food and snacks.


At each stop on the tour, Chamber Representatives marked the game piece of each Pass port holder with the value of the card drawn.  A full tour marked, at all six Saloons, allowed the participant to become eligible for extra prizes.


Prizes were donated by, Pepco Design, Columbia Bank, Pheasant Pointe and Molalla Manor.

1/3 of the E Balsts are being rejected by the intended reciepients  server , and another 1/3 were being rejected by the spam filters on the individual computers, and of the remianing that reached our members, only a couple of dozen are being opened.  80% of the opened e-mails are being opend on a hand held device, so were are going to try and make this better for everyone. 

Thanks, Grant



Molalla Giant Street Parade is comming Soon.

Our theme is "Heroes of Our Past"

 Applications should be available May 1rst.

You can now prepay your luncheon using square.  It's as easy as pie, or whatever desert we will have. Sign up and pay for The Saloon Round Up, buy carnival tickets, Buckeroo Kickoff tickets and soon to be more!  We will have some Chamber Mugs, hmm?, with photos of Molalla's Corridor, and other great attractions.

Remember:  Molalla means Adventure!

 Visit our on-line Store at:   http://mkt.com/molalla-chamber-of-commerce  

When visiting Molalla, look for on street parking, or signs indicating the parking area is provided for the business or businesses you are going to frequent.

Public Parking is available on East Ross Street, One block North of Main Street or Hwy 211, and just East of North Molalla Avenue, behind City Hall, or next to the Masonic Lodge.  At this time, especially in the evenings, Molalla's parking is at a premium, and local businesses are protective of parking for their patrons.  Visit Molalla, enjoy our fine dining and shopping venues, but please park your car appropriately.  A few extra steps may make your visit extraordinarily more rewarding, and you may find another unique shop along the way. 


Notice on our sidewalks we have bronze plaques commenerating the extrodiary cowboys of Rodeo that have been championed in our "Rodeo Walk of Fame".  

If your company has anything to offer in the way of excitement, beauty, or just fun, make sure you have information about your programs at the Chamber office.

Molalla Means Adventure!