MACC Banquet and Auction "Diamonds & Ice"  Jan. 27th

    at Legends / Arrowhead


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      The Molalla Buckeroo brings thousands of visitors to the community to celebrate our Western Heritage and the 4rth of July
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      Our commitment to Veterans, dedication to country, and honor to those served is legendary.
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      The Chambers Giant Street Parade brings as many as 50,000 visitors to the 2nd largest Parade in Oregon.
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      Any cause for a celebration brings out the Buckeroo Bells, one of the only Cheer squads connected to a Rodeo.
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      The Rodeo Walk of fame on Molalla Ave. is dedicated to the "Heroes" of Rodeo.
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      Molalla is famous for great hiking trails, and the Molalla river corridor.

  • Join us Friday January 19th at 12:00 noon to the

    Open House of Country Financial

    The Ribbon Cutting will be at 12:15

    301 N. Molalla Ave.

    There will be refreshments and prizes!

    Help us welcome Jason to his new home.


    Remember:  Molalla Means Adventure!


    Banquet Tickets for Diamonds and Ice are available  at our on line store!


    Visit our on-line Store at:

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    Notice on our sidewalks we have bronze plaques honoring the cowboys of Rodeo that have been championed in our 'Rodeo Walk of Fame'.  

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