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Business Resources

General Information

  • is a great resource on starting a new business. It is free and teaches you how to make a business plan. Business plans are great for showing people and banks how you plan you start your business and why they should give you a startup loan. Overall great resource.

  • provides resources to help high-tech startups get launched, funded, and grow into successful companies.

  • The Oregon Economic and Community Development Department’s (OECDD) website has a lot of useful information. OECDD is part of our state government. This website has a lot of information on how to start a small business.

  • The Oregon Small Business Development Center has many tips on starting a small business. It is part of the US Small Business Administration.

  • Business.USA.Gov is a newly launched federal government web site that provides business owners with a one-stop resource that searches the federal government agencies that regulate or serve businesses for compliance information or resources.

  • Clackamas County Assessment & Taxation provide answers to many of the frequently asked questions about Business Personal Property Tax.

Minority Status

The following websites are aimed at minority owned businesses. This also includes a woman owned business or a business owned by someone who is disabled.

  • Avita is a website that assists minority entrepreneurs in starting a business.

  • Minority-Owned Business is a business directory of information for minority owned businesses.

  • MEGAWEGA is the Minority Enterprise Government Assistance Women Enterprise Government Assistance. This group helps businesses get certified by the government in order to apply for government contracts.

  • The Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs is an association that is a partnership between ethnic minorities, entrepreneurs, education, government and established corporate businesses to promote and develop entrepreneurship and economic development for ethnic minorities in the State of Oregon.

  • The Women Entrepreneurs of Oregon is a resource guide for women owned businesses.

Clackamas County

If you live in unincorporated Clackamas County, though you have one of the above cities for an address, you will not need a business license as Clackamas County does not have business licenses. Clackamas County may require a Home Occupation Permit for businesses located in the unincorporated area. Details can be found in the Home Occupation Zoning Ordinance. Planning has also created a brochure with all the necessary information on Home Occupation Permits. If, after checking to see if you need a Home Occupation Zoning Permit, you find you need one, you can download the Permit Application (PDF) to fill out and submit.


OSCC (Oregon State Chamber of Commerce)

  • OSCC is the Chamber of Commerce for the entirety of Oregon. Their website may have additonal info that might be helpful.

Economic Development

The Molalla Chamber is ready to help you improve, build, repair, locate, or expand your business. Our team of local leaders is available to assist you with your business needs.  We have realtors, bankers, mortgage brokers, accountants, city officials, and community advocates willing to help you. Molalla is a great community of young, well-educated workers, available to quickly staff your business expansion. The community has large tracks of pre-zoned land available for heavy manufacturing, industrial, commercial, and residential new construction.  Molalla has an abundant supply of clean water, excellent schools, and extraordinary recreational assets in place. Your business will find a clean location, with fast-tracking in-house planning, and a motivated local government, willing to assist you in your process.  We have maps, reports, photos, property lists, and a list of contractors and assets available for you.


If you want to see statistics about Molalla, Oregon, you can read more from

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